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Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground

Champions for a Cause reached a significant milestone last Thursday in the Bringing Business Home initiative when Special K Ranch broke ground for construction on their new light manufacturing facility.  Montana Silversmiths currently employs Special K Ranch residents for assistance with packaging.  The new 60 by 64 foot building offers a larger, more efficient dedicated space for this specialized work.

Montana Silversmiths executive and management personnel attended the ceremony along with other community supporters of Special K Ranch.   Special K Ranch residents participated in the ceremony while Kevin Johnson, Vice President of Operations at Montana Silversmiths took the first shovel.

“We are proud and excited to take this next actionable step as a result of contributors’ support of the Bringing Business Home initiative,” says George Branca, Montana Silversmiths interim CEO. “Because of these generous donations, people’s lives are changed for the better.”

Montana Silversmiths started Champions for a Cause in 2011 as a not-for-profit organization to support groups and projects working to improve local economies.  Champions for a Cause selected Special K Ranch as its first project.  Through a series of fund-raising activities over a 5 day period, $60,000 was raised towards the light manufacturing facility which increases the job capacity at Special K Ranch.


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Montana Silversmiths Champions for a Cause Grants $60,000 Towards Ongoing Special K Ranch Building Fundraiser

Through our recent Champions for a Cause Bringing Business Home initiative, Montana Silversmiths will present a $60,000 check to Special K Ranch as an initial contribution towards its ongoing $75,000 fundraising goal to help build a light manufacturing facility, which will offer ranch residents revenue generating opportunities.

“We’re very excited to have had this opportunity to collaborate our fund raising efforts not only with our own local and regional residents and businesses for this new manufacturing facility,” says Rick Ruebusch, CEO of Montana Silversmiths. “But the outpouring support nationwide to help us promote Champions for a Cause was more than we could have hoped.”

Ruebusch says recent events proved to him and Montana Silversmiths as a company that as part of its corporate citizenship responsibilities, it’s time to give back to the local community and bring jobs back to Montana and the United States.

As a working ranch and horticulture operation, Special K provides family-oriented Christian homes for adults, who have developmental disabilities, so they can live, learn and work with loving and caring advisers, who are committed to sharing their lives in this special way.

While the construction of the new production facility will begin later this year, Mike Oberg, Special K Ranch program director says many of the residents will have an opportunity to start their vocational training and set up work stations in the new multi-use home and, in the interim, begin manufacturing the iconic Montana Silversmiths signature blue boxes.

“We are grateful not only to Montana Silversmiths as a local, yet global company, for bringing the insight of this partnership into fruition,” says Oberg, “but we’re equally as excited to see what possibilities and solutions this brings for other like-minded companies to do the same in their own communities.”