A Champion of Inspiration

03 May

To participate in planning this giant fundraiser is truly empowering. Of course as time grows closer to the Champions for a Cause event in August, more and more people will join our ranks to help guide each individual event … the receptions, tournaments, rodeos, auctions. For those of us who took picked up this idea and set down to make it happen, it is an overwhelming thing to consider.

Judy Wagner, our champion of planning, started today’s meeting with a truly inspirational message. Admitting that she too is daunted by the task before us, she drew a circle on a piece of paper:

The big blue circle? Our task at hand. As one person, the skills I can use toward this task, the people I know to reach out to for help … it seems so small by myself.

But when we add our circles of influence together, suddenly the task is manageable. Working together, we can make this incredible thing happen! 

Your part doesn’t have to accomplish everything. It only needs to compliment our other parts to play – through volunteering, donating the places, pieces and prizes we need to make these events happen, sponsoring participants or just adding a little cash to the fund’s goal. How can you help?


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